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Tales from the Sky: Science Stories for Children

Gertrude Kiel, Gunvor Rasmussen

If there is one thing that children and scientists have in common, it is their curiosity. Curiosity about the world around us, our role in it and the meaning of it all.William is nine years old and fed up. It is school holiday and his paren...

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The Sally's Dad series

Thomas Brunstrøm, Thorbjørn Christoffersen

Children love to read the same stories over and over again and here is for once a series that parents won't mind repeatedly revisiting: from journalist Thomas Brunstrøm comes a refreshingly funny series, aimed at both girls and boys, about...

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Eddie goes to the Zoo

Thomas Brunstrøm, Thorbjørn Christoffersen

Eddie is going to the Zoo. He has been looking forward to it all week. And fortunately it will be even more fun than Eddie had anticipated and Dad had hoped for.

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Roses & Violets: the Rosenholm trilogy (1)

Gry Kappel Jensen

Four girls from very different backgrounds are making their way to the mysterious Rosenholm Boarding School from different corners of the country. The one thing they have in common is the strange offer they have received to apply for a plac...

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The Silent Three: The Guardian (1)

Synne Kristine Eriksen

An ancient forest. A bell that splinters. A boy who has lost something precious.Sigurd lives a quiet life in the Forest, far away from the Jarl’s court. He chops wood. He hunts. He is careful to stay inside when darkness falls.The Forest ...

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Donna finds Christmas

Merete Pryds Helle, Charlotte Pardi

The puppy, Donna, has settled in well with the girl, Lillian Betty, and her many siblings. But on the day before Christmas the whole family wakes up with a bleeding cold. Who is going to collect the Christmas tree and do the shopping? Who ...

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Zakiya Ajmi

Nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize in 2022 and shortlisted for the Danish Cultural Ministry's Children's Book Author award 2021, bright young star, Zakiya Ajmi, has written an evocative tween novel about Anna, who is trying to start ...

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A Christmas Bestiary

John Kenn Mortensen, Benni Bødker

Christmas is full of traditions that we love to take part in, but that we ultimately do not know the background of. This wasn't the case for our ancestors. They knew that Christmas isn't just the season of joy, but certainly also a season o...

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The Day the Farts Disappeared

Line Meyer

Professor Gut Flora creates both big and small farts, slimy and dry farts, bomb farts and stinky farts every single day in her fart laboratory. And she is really good at it. There is just one problem… even when Flora does her very utmost ...

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Münchhausen: the Baron's (almost) true tales

Tore Leifer, Anja Gram

In this new book about Baron von Münchausen's stories, he has been given a bunch of grandchildren (in reality he was childless) and is telling them stories in front of the fireplace. Thus the scene is set for children and childish souls to...

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It will be a Long Life

Stine Spedsbjerg

It will be a long life is a collection of spot-on comic strips, describing a teenage girl’s life with its happiness, sorrow and worries. The book is jam-packed with humorous energy and recognisable situations which both daughters and pare...

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Jungle Dreams

Anna Knakkergaard, Julie Dam

Through a series of stories, the child is encouraged to help the animals in the Jungle Dreams to find peace, so that both the child and the animals can fall asleep.There are many reasons why the animal children have difficulty sleeping. The...

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Inventions, Knitted Beanies and a Mean Cat

Rasmus Bregnhøi

The friends we make are not always the most obvious ones - this is one of the universal messages in this beautiful picture book about the mouse and cat that make best friends despite all odds.Rasmus Bregnhøi is one of the best illustrators...

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Book of Farts: an Encyclopeadia of Farts

Stine og Hannah Dreyer

Everybody farts! Even Queen Elizabeth and Justin Bieber. You probably know farts best from yourself, your family, and your friends. But how does a fart become a fart?This is exactly what mother/daughter duo, Stine and Hannah Dreyer set out ...

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The Tree

Bárður Oskarsson

The characters in this pearl of a book are animals with recognisable human traits and feelings and Bárður Oskarsson lets them juggle some of life’s ethical and existential question without offering any easy answers. With his subtle humo...

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Fanni's Colours

Inger Tobiasen

Inger Tobiasen is currently nominated for one of the prestigious prizes at the 28. Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava for her artwork in the Fanni's Colours series. She writes with great empathy and in complete sync with the child's imagi...

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Ida series

Inger Tobiasen

Inger Tobiasen speaks directly to the child who will have no difficulty recognising the feelings, neither when it comes to the language used, nor the expressive illustrations, which invite the child to “read” the story by just looking a...

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Mogens and Mahdi

Rasmus Bregnhøi, Kim Fupz Aakeson

Mogens and Mahdi is the story about two boys who have nothing in common, except that they are the same age, live in the same building block, play the same games, laugh about the same things, and dream equally strongly about being older and ...

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The Little Book of Big Emotions

Ina Victoria Haller, Lea Letén

The emotional development of children needs to be supported and guided in a similar way to linguistic and motoric development. The role of the adult is to help the child understand and regulate emotions and this book provides a helping hand...

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Grimm I

John Kenn Mortensen, Benni Bødker, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen

The horror-masters, Benni Bødker, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen and cult illustrator of monsters, John Kenn Mortensen, have joined forces to create a refreshing retelling of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, returning to their original horror.T...

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21 Ways to Die

Sarah Engell

How quickly can you be demoted from the most popular girl in the class to a social loser, excluded and frowned upon by everyone?In the bat of an eye, Stella learns, when she falls out with her best friend, Amalie. In no time, Amalie makes t...

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Hate you, Hate you Not

Glenn Ringtved

Kim lives with his dad and his older brother, Kenneth. Kim and Kenneth are both good at boxing. Dad is good at cheering when they are in the ring.But even so, Kim hates everything. Maybe it is because his mum passed away. Maybe it is becaus...

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Hest Horse Pferd Cheval Love

Mette Vedsø

Naja and Taxa are from very different backgrounds and would never have met if it wasn’t for their common interest in horses. Despite their differences, the girls become best friends, but when Taxa starts to be interested boys and the olde...

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When the Heart is a Hand Mixer

Mette Vedsø

Mette Vedsø has written yet another moving and thought-provoking tale, giving voice to a child in distress. She has previously written about friendship, coming-of-age and horses in her award-winning novel, Hest Horse Pferd Cheval Love and ...

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...and then I Drown

Ditte Wiese

”Quick as a flash, cold shower, pony tail, beta blockers, coffee, green smoothie bowl on SnapStory and Instagram, car, psychology exam, A+, hug Miriam, change clothes, more beta blockers, car, parking, head on the wheel. And then deep bre...

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If Words were my Weapon

Kristina Aamand

A raw and gripping YA novel about falling in love with the wrong person and the price we sometimes have to pay for following our heart.17-year-old Sheherazade feels caught between her mother's expectations of her as a good Muslim girl and h...

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The Metamorphosis

Søren Jessen

The writer and illustrator, Søren Jessen, has turned Kafka’s famous story from 1912 into a visually stunning graphic novel, which in an expressive black and white style, captures an atmosphere of claustrophobia and alienation, not only t...

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The Time Chase

Gertrude Kiel

This is a detective story. A murder mystery. But it's a rather different one. The killer is already known, you see. The problem is to find the killer and measure out a proper punishment. For the killer is time itself, and this is the story ...

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Death Save

Rune Ryberg

Bass and Rick are diametrical opposites: Bass is a nerdy daydreamer with a big heart and Rick is a hyperactive tornado with dubious ethics. United by their inability to make their dreams come true, they hang out in local arcade full of pinb...

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Westend Boy

Tomas Lagerman Lundme, Rune Ryberg

Young Emil has not had an easy life. Neither has his friend, Gustav. They sell their bodies for a living, mainly to middle-aged men who haven’t managed to come out. But now, love comes sneaking up on Emil - he has fallen head over heels f...

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Marie Curie: a Quest for Light

Frances Andreasen Østerfelt, Anja C. Andersen, Anna Blaszczyk

Marie Curie's life and research changed the world and paved the way for new opportunities for all women. Her unique drive - against all odds - to understand nature and its laws lead to ground-breaking research, which changed the science of ...

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The Bird Man

Sarah Engell, Lilian Brøgger

“I don’t know why it startedIt came sneaking up on me, like a fogFirst the birds, which no one else could seeThen the voice, which spoke louder and louderUntil one day, he was sitting on my bedThe Bird Man”The Bird Man is a captivatin...

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The Valhalla series

Peter Madsen, Henning Kure

Valhalla is the biggest comic book success ever in Denmark and is now complete in five new luxury compilations, published in connection with the 40th Anniversary in 2019. The series is sold either as 15 individual albums; 5 compilations, ea...

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When Emma became Emma - and how it happened

Peter Gotthardt

Emma is her own - and then again, she is not quite. Everyone says she has her mum's nose and her dad's curly hair. But why is it that she looks both like mum and dad?Emma is 4 years old and very interested in how she was made. She discusses...

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Mogens and Mahdi Forever

Rasmus Bregnhøi, Kim Fupz Aakeson

It's nice. It's sweet. It's death metal. It's the law of Karma. It's YouTube, sports day and beach trip. Mogens and Mahdi are most definitely back.Mogens & Mahdi is the story about two boys who have nothing in common, except that they a...

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When I Came Out

Anne-Mette Kærulf Lorentzen

Forty-something Louise is married to Peter, with whom she has four children. They live in a big house, and on paper everything looks fantastic. But Louise has a secret that she barely dares to admit to herself: a burning desire for women. W...

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Lonely Journey

Ida Rørholm Davidsen

In this spell-binding coming-of-age story, a young girl struggles to fit in, subconsciously mimicking her mother's lonely existence. Her interest in the computer game, Lonely Journey, becomes an obsession, but it also becomes a means to rei...

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Love Conquers All

Kim Fupz Aakeson

The Devil is grumpy: he has only managed to invent a few little devilish things like wasps and thistles and hail, whereas God has created Earth in seven days … and of course Man. The Devil is green with envy! But the Devil’s Granny is a...

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The Nightmare Factory

John Kenn Mortensen

34 short poems accompanied by the most elaborate drawings of all sorts of creepy nightmares we might have.The frame story is a house at night, out of the darkness emerge two scary figures who enter into the house, pick up a sleeping boy and...

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