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Shitty Kitty I

Sophie Souid, Thomas Hjorthaab

Why do adults have children? Ziggie thinks he has found the answer: they do it so that have someone to blame for everything. But if the adults are not completely heartless, they choose to have more than one child, so the children can blame ...

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Venja (1) - The Pact

Gry Kappel Jensen

Venja lives in a big, old castle in the forest with her strict father and a small handful of servants. Her only friend is the nanny, Inge – but Inge has disappeared. One day she sneaked out of the park and into the Forbidden Forest and si...

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Silver Bloom

Cecilie Eken

Jonas and his best friend, Simon, have a secret den in the big, overgrown garden on the other side of the woods. One day, Jonas spots the owner, an elderly lady, being taken away in an ambulance and she doesn’t return. Her house with the ...

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The Golden Clock

Sarah Engell, Signe Kjær

The everyday is my favourite day. That’s what grandpa used to always say. But Sophia is tired of the boring old everyday with homework, rainy weather and the same old fare for supper. When she turns ten years, she luckily gets a very spec...

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Me & Milla: Short Leash

Anne Sofie Hammer, Sofie Lind Mesterton

Milla and Milla – the two friends with identical names and sense of humour – have enough on their plate. There is Jonas and his girlfriend, Luna, who they simply have to prank. There is the dog, Bobby, who has to learn to play dead. And...

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Along came a Dog with the Ferry

Annie Bahnson

Ruth lives on a small island and there are only seven children in her class. She is the only girl and the others are hanging out in pairs, so she feels a bit left out. She’d love to be friends with Snorre, but he only dares to be her frie...

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Oxygen Hunt (1) - Survival

Nicole Boyle Rødtnes

In a bleak future, every breath costs money. Only the rich can afford quality oxygen. The poor have to make do with poorer oxygen, which slowly makes them sick. Liam and Alex have had to fend for themselves since an accident killed their fa...

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Esther Wrestler and her Fearless Friend, Elaine Pain

Jonas Kleinschmidt

Esther lives with her mother, father and two little brothers in an apartment in inner city Copenhagen. Life is pretty much all good, except that Esther is tired of her name. It sounds so nice and polite - but unfortunately it only suits her...

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Sun over Inner City (1)

Sophie Souid, Emilie Rubæk Holm

Sun would really like a pet and especially a dog. Mum says that they are not allowed to have pets in their flat. But Sun has the same relationship to rules as she has to the dentist. And new shoes that at too tight… So, if she is not allo...

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A sharp-toothed Mystery

Thomas Brunstrøm, Sophie Souid

Hansel and Gretel (no, not the ones from the fairy tale) get a dog from their grandfather. Herman is not like other dogs and he is quite difficult to control. But the twins love him anyway. Shortly after, there is commotion in the small res...

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Holly - Whispering Games, Bombs and a Costly Misunderstanding

Sophie Souid, Pernille Bønløkke Toustrup

Holly can’t hear well and her mother drags her along to the ear doctor. Soon Holly has to live with a neon green hearing aid which is hard to hide to her classmates. It is also impossible to regulate the apparatus, so Holly’s diy-capabl...

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Rufus the Fox

Thorbjørn Petersen, Herman Ditte, Mårdøn Smet

The first autumn storm shakes the trees in the street, and inside, Rufus snuggles in his best armchair while sipping his tea - with two pieces of sugar in it. The storm warns of something unforeseen and dangerous. Soon, the most bizarr...

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The Horizon and whatnot

Lilian Brøgger, Tina Sakura Bestle

The Horizon (and that sort of thing) is a fairy tale-like story about war, loss, love and miracles. It is the story about Daimi who is at cross-roads in her life after her husband has left her – she decides to become a pirate and sets off...

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Hans Christian Andersen - a life of ups and downs and lots of adventure

Kim Fupz Aakeson, Signe Kjær

Hans Christian Andersen was a master storyteller! We all know the fairy tales about the Ugly Duckling, the Emperor's New Clothers and Clumsy Hans. But did you know that Hans Christian Andersen actually wanted to be an actor? Or that he had ...

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The Children's Bible: the Book of Books for Children

Kim Fupz Aakeson, Signe Kjær

The Bible is a cornucopia of unforgettable stories and regardless of whether we believe them or not, they remain an important point of reference for us to this day. There are stories of brothers who cannot get on. There are stories of kings...

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The Fish Girl

Søren Jessen

In a house on a hilltop, the autistic boy, Frede, and his older sister are home alone. A violent storm has hit their area and all land around them has been washed away by flooding, leaving their hilltop house on a small island in the sea. T...

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Mogens & Mahdi - Seriously!

Rasmus Bregnhøi, Kim Fupz Aakeson

In Mogens and Mahdi - Seriously! hormones have made their appearance on the scene. What's happening when Asta comes near?! Is the friendship between Mogens and Mahdi going to survive the class party, the Christmas procession and the horror ...

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Münchhausen: the Baron's (almost) true tales

Tore Leifer, Anja Gram

In this new book about Baron von Münchausen's stories, he has been given a bunch of grandchildren (in reality he was childless) and is telling them stories in front of the fireplace. Thus the scene is set for children and childish souls to...

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Tales from the Sky: Science Stories for Children

Gertrude Kiel, Gunvor Rasmussen

If there is one thing that children and scientists have in common, it is their curiosity. Curiosity about the world around us, our role in it and the meaning of it all.William is nine years old and fed up. It is school holiday and his paren...

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