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Why don't We just Plant a lot of Trees? and other good Climate Questions from Children

Nina Bendixen, Margrethe Brun Hansen

Nina Bendixen and Margrethe Brun Hansen calm out minds, helping us understand that Earth and nature are actually tough and survived some crazy events throughout history, coupled with the fact that a lot of climate measures are in place that...

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How You become an Elite Football Player

Jens Bangsbo

It is not only the biggest talents that become elite players. Far from it. If you want to be good at football, you have to make the right choices. Jens Bangsbo is an internationally renowned physical trainer, who has helped some of the bigg...

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Astronaut Training, Weightlessness and Giant Lightening

Thomas Brunstrøm

Andreas Mogensen tells us about what it feels like to be chosen as astronaut among 10000 others. How it feels to be completely weightless and suddenly stand on the ceiling. How nervewrecking it is to train with the robot arm which has to ca...

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The Costume Workshop

Julie Paludan-Müller

This is a gorgeous book of inspiration for children and parents, full of lovely costumes that are easy to make yourself. The book for example include, the Eiffle Tower, Macaron, Witch, Sushi, Butterfly and Detective. There are 16 costume id...

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The Mental Health of Children

Pernille Thomsen

Hippocampus – which means seahorse in Greek – is one of the central places in the brain, among others responsible for emotional memory and regulation. If children and young people are faced with stress over time, the seahorse (hippocamp...

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Goddesses - the Strong Women from the Myths

Bodil Bang Heinemeier

Myths about powerful goddesses have existed since the beginning of time. They roam in the kingdom of death and at the edge of the cosmos. They have power over death, are the sources of life and they can change the turn of time. What you nev...

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Me and my Friends

Ina Victoria Haller, Lea Letén

In the book, we follow a small child during its day at kindergarten. We meet all the friends of the child and their differences and similarities both on the outside and on the inside are highlighted. At the end of the book is a mirror that ...

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Hans Christian Andersen - a life of ups and downs and lots of adventure

Kim Fupz Aakeson, Signe Kjær

Hans Christian Andersen was a master storyteller! We all know the fairy tales about the Ugly Duckling, the Emperor's New Clothers and Clumsy Hans. But did you know that Hans Christian Andersen actually wanted to be an actor? Or that he had ...

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Head Rack

Johan Olsen, Vincent F. Hendricks

The world can sometimes feel like a gigantic attic space where the belongings of several generations have piled up and been stored. It is virtually impossible to find your way around it. That’s why you have art, philosophy and natural sci...

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Jungle Dreams

Anna Knakkergaard, Julie Dam

Through a series of stories, the child is encouraged to help the animals in the Jungle Dreams to find peace, so that both the child and the animals can fall asleep.There are many reasons why the animal children have difficulty sleeping. The...

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The Little Book of Big Emotions

Ina Victoria Haller, Lea Letén

The emotional development of children needs to be supported and guided in a similar way to linguistic and motoric development. The role of the adult is to help the child understand and regulate emotions and this book provides a helping hand...

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Look up! UFOs exist.

Frederik Dirks Gottlieb

Look up! UFOs exist is the story about the most notorious UFO observations from around the world and at the same time, it is a thought-provoking story for children about the need to look up in order to understand who we are and to open up t...

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Marie Curie: a Quest for Light

Frances Andreasen Østerfelt, Anja C. Andersen, Anna Blaszczyk

Marie Curie's life and research changed the world and paved the way for new opportunities for all women. Her unique drive - against all odds - to understand nature and its laws lead to ground-breaking research, which changed the science of ...

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Stine Bødker, Emil Landgreen

Mermaids are the most stunning creatures imaginable. Beautiful and otherworldly with mesmerizing voices. Strong, independent and sometimes dangerous. But who are they really? Are they nature spirits? Fable animals? Goddesses? Or just secret...

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Monsters - Beastly Creatures with Big Emotions

Shane Brox

Welcome to the world of monsters!In this book, you will meet 12 creatures whose roots go back a long time. Some of them are more than 2000 years old. Back then, monsters were a natural part of our reality. They gave us a language and helped...

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My First Vegetable Garden

Emilie Aastrup

All you need to know in order to create your own first vegetable garden is to be found in this book. Learn to grow carrots, peas, corn and other easy vegetables. Learn how to make your own compost, prepare the soil for sowing and make your ...

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Space: the Book of Records

Lars Henrik Aagaard

A golf ball shot on the moon and the world’s biggest floating landfill. Those are some of the craziest things man has done in space. You can read about it in Space: the Book of Records where you will find out about the highest, most dange...

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When Emma became Emma - and how it happened

Peter Gotthardt

Emma is her own - and then again, she is not quite. Everyone says she has her mum's nose and her dad's curly hair. But why is it that she looks both like mum and dad?Emma is 4 years old and very interested in how she was made. She discusses...

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