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Look up! UFOs exist.

Frederik Dirks Gottlieb

Look up! UFOs exist is the story about the most notorious UFO observations from around the world and at the same time, it is a thought-provoking story for children about the need to look up in order to understand who we are and to open up t...

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Goddesses - the Strong Women from the Myths

Bodil Bang Heinemeier

Myths about powerful goddesses have existed since the beginning of time. They roam in the kingdom of death and at the edge of the cosmos. They have power over death, are the sources of life and they can change the turn of time. What you nev...

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Head Rack

Johan Olsen, Vincent F. Hendricks

The world can sometimes feel like a gigantic attic space where the belongings of several generations have piled up and been stored. It is virtually impossible to find your way around it. That’s why you have art, philosophy and natural sci...

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My First Vegetable Garden

Emilie Aastrup

All you need to know in order to create your own first vegetable garden is to be found in this book. Learn to grow carrots, peas, corn and other easy vegetables. Learn how to make your own compost, prepare the soil for sowing and make your ...

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My First Pet: Dog

Anja Vensild Hørnell

This new series about pets, comprises four books, each aimed at children who are about to have their first dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig. The series is done in collaboration with Animal Protection Denmark, ensuring that all guidelines give...

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Space: the Book of Records

Lars Henrik Aagaard

A golf ball shot on the moon and the world’s biggest floating landfill. Those are some of the craziest things man has done in space. You can read about it in Space: the Book of Records where you will find out about the highest, most dange...

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Monsters - Beastly Creatures with Big Emotions

Shane Brox

Welcome to the world of monsters!In this book, you will meet 12 creatures whose roots go back a long time. Some of them are more than 2000 years old. Back then, monsters were a natural part of our reality. They gave us a language and helped...

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Charlie the Motorcycle

Sabine Lemire, Jenz Koudahl

Charlie the Motorcycle loves to cruise without a destination in mind – just him and the road. He likes that much better than going to the garage for check-ups. One day his motor stops running when he is in the middle of nowhere with only ...

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Something happens to an Animal: Anna rescues a Bumble Bee (1)

Rasmus Bregnhøi, Peter Nordahl

Anna with the red beanie loves to sit by the big window and look out into her garden. And she loves animals. One day a bumble bee flies through the garden door and it cannot get out again. Anna has to rescue it.There are now four books in t...

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The Year - seen through little eyes

Elvira Fragola

Elvira Fragola has let herself be inspired by the almanacs of the past and in the book, she includes inspiration and suggestions on what to do in nature and what to be especially aware of during a particular month: which flowers can you pic...

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Jungle Dreams

Anna Knakkergaard, Julie Dam

Through a series of stories, the child is encouraged to help the animals in the Jungle Dreams to find peace, so that both the child and the animals can fall asleep.There are many reasons why the animal children have difficulty sleeping. The...

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The Dream Catcher

Anna Knakkergaard, Julie Dam

‘The Dream Catcher’ uses the same hypnotic techniques that were introduced in Jungle Dreams and is meant as a read-aloud bedtime story about feelings and good dreams. The book helps the child to handle bedtime fears&...

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Book of Farts: an Encyclopeadia of Farts

Stine og Hannah Dreyer

Everybody farts! Even Queen Elizabeth and Justin Bieber. You probably know farts best from yourself, your family, and your friends. But how does a fart become a fart?This is exactly what mother/daughter duo, Stine and Hannah Dreyer set out ...

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Hans Christian Andersen - a life of ups and downs and a lot of adventure

Kim Fupz Aakeson, Signe Kjær

Hans Christian Andersen was a master storyteller! We all know the fairy tales about the Ugly Duckling, the Emperor's New Clothers and Clumsy Hans. But did you know that Hans Christian Andersen actually wanted to be an actor? Or that he had ...

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The Day the Farts Disappeared

Line Meyer

Professor Gut Flora creates both big and small farts, slimy and dry farts, bomb farts and stinky farts every single day in her fart laboratory. And she is really good at it. There is just one problem… even when Flora does her very utmost ...

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The Little Book of Big Emotions

Ina Victoria Haller, Lea Letén

The emotional development of children needs to be supported and guided in a similar way to linguistic and motoric development. The role of the adult is to help the child understand and regulate emotions and this book provides a helping hand...

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The Little Books on Book Words

Ina Victoria Haller, Lea Letén

In the book, we follow two good friends who have a playdate in a playground. Through play, imagination and conversation, the two children move through some of the many big words in our language and attempt to describe and explain how they u...

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Feathers fall like snow

Karen Filskov

Part of the WHITE RAVEN LIBRARY 2021 and shortlisted for the BIENNALE OF ILLUSTRATIONS BRATISLAVA 2021The Cuckoo never gets to know his mum, the Vulture has his own internet high up above the savanna, the Vogelkop Bowerbird uses art to attr...

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Fable Animals and other Magical Creatures

Karin Hald

Enter the world of the fable animals!Deep inside the wood, the shy unicorn lives. A grumpy dragon keeps watch over a golden treasure. And in the waves of the ocean, a beautiful mermaid swims around. In this magical book, you can learn more ...

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Stine Bødker, Emil Landgreen

Mermaids are the most stunning creatures imaginable. Beautiful and otherworldly with mesmerizing voices. Strong, independent and sometimes dangerous. But who are they really? Are they nature spirits? Fable animals? Goddesses? Or just secret...

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Tales from the Sky: Science Stories for Children

Gertrude Kiel, Gunvor Rasmussen

If there is one thing that children and scientists have in common, it is their curiosity. Curiosity about the world around us, our role in it and the meaning of it all.William is nine years old and fed up. It is school holiday and his paren...

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A Christmas Bestiary

John Kenn Mortensen, Benni Bødker

Christmas is full of traditions that we love to take part in, but that we ultimately do not know the background of. This wasn't the case for our ancestors. They knew that Christmas isn't just the season of joy, but certainly also a season o...

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Marie Curie: a Quest for Light

Frances Andreasen Østerfelt, Anja C. Andersen, Anna Blaszczyk

Marie Curie's life and research changed the world and paved the way for new opportunities for all women. Her unique drive - against all odds - to understand nature and its laws lead to ground-breaking research, which changed the science of ...

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When Emma became Emma - and how it happened

Peter Gotthardt

Emma is her own - and then again, she is not quite. Everyone says she has her mum's nose and her dad's curly hair. But why is it that she looks both like mum and dad?Emma is 4 years old and very interested in how she was made. She discusses...

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