Honorary Prize given to the acclaimed Danish comic book creator, Peter Madsen.

Nov 25, 2020

Peter Madsen has been given the Honorary Prize of the Danish Arts Foundation, a prestigious prize which is granted to the best Danish artists every year for 100 years running for their outstanding contribution to Danish Art- and Cultural history.

The illustrator and comic book creator, Peter Madsen, has since the 1970's created unforgettable scenes as comic book creator. Among other things, known for the series, Valhalla, which was turned into a movie, as well as his retellings of the Bible - a break-through in the traditional way of telling the Bible stories. The first three albums of the Valhalla series are today considered some of the best Danish comic albums ever.

The Valhalla series is published by Carlsen in Denmark, Roter Drache in Germany, Forlagid in Iceland, Outland in Norway and Apart in Sweden. Translations exist in several other languages, but are now out of print. For more information, please reach out.